HOT LABOUR TOPICS – An unpaid “Sole Director” can receive the “NASpI allowance”

With ruling n. 4633, 3rd December 2020 (see here the full text in Italian), the Tribunal of Milan has recognized the right of a dismissed employee […]

HOT TOPICS:LABOUR&TAX Se manca il variabile, il carried interest del manager è reddito di lavoro dipendente

Con la risposta ad interpello 24 settembre 2020 n. 407 (testo), l’Agenzia delle Entrate si pronuncia sulla qualificazione fiscale di uno schema – definito di carried […]

HOT LABOR TOPICS – An unlawful transfer of undertaking might “duplicate” the employment relationship

With ruling n. 8162, 24th April 2020 (see here the full text in Italian), the Supreme Court stated that a transfer of undertaking lacking the requirements […]

Hot Labour Topics: D.L. “Cura Italia” 17 marzo 2020

With the “Cura Italia” decree law of 17 march 2020, n. 18 (text), the Italian Government has introduced a series of concrete measures to counter and/or […]